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The global food packaging market is expected to grow from $338.34 billion to $478.18 billion byin 2028. In India alone, the industry is projected to reach $17.88 billion within the next 5 years. To truly stay ahead of the curve, businesses in this space need to constantly keep track of the latest developments in the food packaging sector.  

If your organization is still facing packaging challenges,it is essential to identify why the right kind of packaging is necessary, in the first place.  

The need for packaging in the food and beverage industry 

Suitable and optimal food packaging offers the following benefits to your product and your business.  

  • Acts as a protection barrier between the product and external contaminants like oxygen, dust, and water vapor  
  • Promotes efficient handling by grouping small items together 
  • Allows transmission of information regarding usage, transportation, and product disposal  
  • Encourages consumers to purchase the product through the use of attractive packaging  
  • Helps detect tampering of the contents  
  • Makes inventory control easier  

Types of packaging in the food and beverage industry 

There are different types of packaging solutions for different businesses. Food and beverage packaging can be primary, secondary, or tertiary. Here’s what they each entail:. 

  • Primary packaging or inner packaging, which is in direct contact with the food or beverage product 
  • Secondary packaging, which is used to hold multiple primary packages 
  • Tertiary packaging or external packaging, which is used to protect secondary packaging during transit and storage 

Forms of food and beverage packaging 

Businesses operating in this sector can choose from different forms of packaging, each with varying levels of sustainability. Some common options are — 

  • Cardboard boxes or cartons 
  • Metal cans 
  • Glass bottles 
  • Shrink-wrap packaging 
  • Fabric based packaging 
  • Pouches  

The latest trends in food and beverage packaging 

Given the sensitive nature of the products involved, packaging in the food and beverage industry is about more than just eye-catching aesthetics. Packaging innovation is the need of the hour, as is sustainability. Check out some of the latest trends in food and beverage packaging. 

  • Frustration-free packaging  
  • Transparent packaging with clear labels 
  • Personalized eCommerce packaging  
  • Sustainable packaging  
  • Refillable packages 
  • Interactive packaging 

Challenges in choosing the right type of packaging  

Businesses in the food and beverage industry may face many roadblocks on the journey to streamline their packaging operations. Some of the most common challenges include — 

  • Elimination of single-use plastic 
  • The durability of frozen food packaging  
  • Balancing sustainability with quality  
  • Elevating the unboxing experience  
  • Upscaling or downsizing packaging as required 

Overcome the challenges in packaging 

With sustainable options for primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging, Moglix gives you simple yet effective packaging solutions. Visit our website to learn more and understand what’s best for your business.  

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